The bedroom should be a serene space that inspires relaxation. Well, what's more relaxing than a beachside resort? The coastal style is ideal for your bedroom because the color palette tends to be naturally serene, and the style is more laid-back. Find out how to create a casual but chic coastal design in your bedroom.


The first step to creating cohesive décor is starting with a color scheme. You have three main options in choosing a beach-inspired palette.

The first option is to use the actual beach as your inspiration. In this case, sandy beige will be your base neutral. You'll accent it with colors inspired by the water and palm trees — think shades of turquoise to azure and greens ranging from yellow-green to deep olive.

The second option is to choose beach cabana style as your inspiration. This is typically dominated by bright pastels reminiscent of your favorite beachside cocktails. Such bright colors can be slightly overwhelming for a bedroom, so anchor the palette with white and light beige.

The third option is to go nautical. Imagine chic yachting attire — this is your inspiration. The foundation of this palette is white or linen. Navy blue is the dominant accent color with red and/or gold for secondary accenting.

Use your chosen color palette to help you pick furniture pieces, décor items, and wall paint. Don’t forget to consider the outcome when everything comes together.


Besides matching your color palette, the materials of your furniture should blend with the coastal style. The materials should be as nature-inspired as possible. So, when choosing a bed and chest of drawers, look for those that have natural staining that shows off the wood graining.

What's more, as Better Homes and Gardens points out, the goal of coastal décor is to create a bright and airy ambience. As such, you should choose lighter colors. The site suggests oak, maple, and cedar. Wicker is common for the style — you could choose accent tables or at least baskets in this material.

If you want any chairs or loveseats in your bedroom, consider having those upholstered in naturalistic cotton or unbleached linen. The light colors stain easily, so make sure they're treated with a stain-resistant spray. Conversely, you could choose synthetic microfiber manufactured to resemble cotton or linen. The material is made to be stain resistant.


Because you're going for an airy feel, you want furniture pieces that don't feel too weighty. Look for a bed that sits on legs — narrow legs will especially give that light appeal. Likewise, bedside tables should feature an open design. Of course, your chest of drawers will be closed off, but again, look for a style with narrow legs.

Coastal décor should also appear comfortable. Look for chairs or loveseats with plush cushioning. Curves in the furniture will give more of a casual, cozy appeal. For instance, you could choose a bed with a curved headboard.


The unique charm of your coastal-inspired bedroom will come through in the accent pieces you choose.

Naturally, you'll want beach-themed items. For instance, you could fill a bowl with seashells or lay a piece of driftwood by a lamp. Sea glass is a gorgeous way to add color. Rather than try to pile some into a bowl, consider looking for vases and other accent pieces that appear constructed of sea glass.

Nautical themed items work well with this décor style, too. So, imagine hanging a paddle or ship's wheel on the wall, or a large nautical map.

Finally, look for artwork with a beach theme. This could consist of pictures or paintings of an actual beach scene. However, you could also make a ship in a bottle a centerpiece of a shelf. Just keep a restrained hand when decorating — make sure to mix in items that aren't beach-themed but that maybe adhere to your color palette.

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