A living room can be such an eclectic area, providing casual space for family gatherings and formal space for entertaining. Indeed, the living room serves as the heart of your home. A chic living room looks guest-worthy even if you've just ushered the children to their rooms. Outfit your living room with stylish furniture and décor for a sophisticated yet comfortable effect.


The foundation of any room is the furniture. At Chris Furniture, we carry quality American-made furniture from brands such as Hancock & Moore, Stanley Furniture, and Carolina Custom Leather.

For your elegant, multi-use living room, start with seating that offers clean lines while maintaining comfort. For example, choose a sofa with a simple profile but deep, comfortable cushions. More ornate pieces can be beautiful, but the goal here is to create a relatively neutral backdrop for your different types of gatherings.

Additionally, look for accent tables with obvious geometry, which maintains that chic outline. If you want the contemporary look, opt for modern materials such as metal and glass. For a more traditional look, stick with wood.


Choosing a set color palette is an essential aspect of maintaining cohesion in your living room décor. For example, Architectural Digest describes an artistic but eclectic living room featuring many patterns. The living room décor feels cohesive, though, because all the pieces are in shades of yellow or brown.

One option is choosing an already set color palette such as Cape Cod, which features navy blue and white with red for accenting. Another option is looking to the color wheel, say for an analogous scheme, which features colors right next to each other on the wheel.

It's also possible to use a pattern or print as inspiration. For instance, many interior decorators start with a patterned area rug. The colors in the pattern serve as the foundation of the color scheme.

Implementing a chic palette involves choosing a neutral color as the base and just one or two accent colors. So, perhaps the base color is a sandy beige from the rug. Maybe the pattern also features turquoise and yellow. Though they're bright hues, it's still possible to use them as elegant accent colors. The key is to choose one as the primary accent color and the other for secondary accenting.


The accent pieces you add to your living room décor complete the look of your chic space. Just as the key to a palette is maintaining a color hierarchy, the key to accenting in your living room is to layer the décor. In fact, the two work together. The accent colors should be spread evenly without overwhelming the neutral base.

So, using the area rug as a start, a matching sofa and chair set, or a sectional, should be in the neutral base color. The primary accent color should appear in all four corners of the room as well as the center. There could be a vase on the coffee table, a throw blanket on the sofa, a lamp in the corner, and a frame on the wall all in the primary accent color.

The secondary color can help move the eye around the room by appearing in surprising places. Perhaps there's an objet d'art high up on top of a shelf and an urn on the floor in the secondary accent color. Such placement encourages visitors to seek out different areas to enjoy in your décor.

Whether you've bought a new home or you're redecorating your current house, create a chic but inviting living room with your choice in furniture and décor. The specialists at Chris Furniture can help you choose stylish yet comfortable pieces for your living room.