Hosting large family dinners are a great way to share food, create memories, and spend time with your loved ones. As you plan the best seating options in your home's dining room, there are a number of options to consider.

The furniture you use in a dining room can make a big difference when it comes to serving and sitting comfortably. Being able to provide multiple options in a dining area can make a big difference for accommodating as many guests as possible.

As you plan large family dinners, consider the following four types of furniture for the dining room. Each one has specific features that make it easier to host large family dinners in your home.

1. Table Benches
In many dining rooms, it can be tough to squeeze in extra chairs around the table. One way to sit more people in your home and have plenty of space is with table benches. Elegant benches can be purchased to match your table design and provide an alternative seating option.

In cases where only one to two chairs may fit comfortably, a table bench can host three to four people comfortably. The exact seating amount depends on the length and size. Table benches are measured and created to slide underneath the table when they are not in use.

Some table benches may even include extra storage built right into the bench. For example, the seat may fold up and feature storage space ideal for tablecloths, placemats, and extra dining materials. When you're not hosting a large dinner, the bench may also be stored in another part of your home so that it doesn't take up too much space.

2. Kitchen Carts
There are a lot of extra items needed when hosting a family dinner. Condiments, salt and pepper shakers, and gravy boats just to name a few. If you pile these items on the center of a table, it can quickly get crowded and also increase the chance of accidents and spills.

With the use of a rolling kitchen cart, everyone at the dining room table can easily access items. When you are serving dinner, a cart can be rolled around with all of the little extras on it. Then it can be placed in a corner area so people can still have access to it if they need something in the middle of a meal.

3. Dining Buffet Cabinets
Another easy to access storage solution is a dining buffet cabinet. These large cabinets and hutches can be placed in a roomy dining room and provide all types of needs for a large family dinner. You can store extra plates, napkins, and silverware in the cabinet. You can also store placemats and extra table settings in the cabinet.

The cabinet can also give you easy access to table decorations like candles and centerpieces. If you're serving up a large cooked meat, then the cabinet can be used to hold serving platters or carving knives for easy access.

4. Counter Bars With Drink Storage
Along with serving meals at large family dinners, it's important to have plenty of drinks for everyone. As an alternative to running back and forth to the kitchen, you can install a small counter bar in your dining room.

A counter bar piece of furniture often features storage for cups and drinks like wine bottles. You can easily serve up drinks and use the bar area to hold pitchers and other types of beverages. The large drink containers can be kept off the table to help prevent any accidents or spills. Some counter bars may even offer additional stool seating for causal hangouts before and after a meal.

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