Rustic furniture offers a nature-inspired, woodsy appearance that will complement your cabin decor. If you are looking to furnish a rustic-style cabin home, you have various options. From the materials you choose to the accessories that go along with it, make everything come together nicely. Before you set out to buy your rustic cabin furniture, answer the following questions.

1. What Designs Are Most Suitable?

When you think of rustic design, you probably think of a log cabin style as the most popular design. You cannot go wrong with untreated log wood bed frames and end tables. Coffee and end tables made from natural stone will look nice alongside the log furniture.

If you prefer, look for pieces that incorporate twigs or sticks. When furnishing your cabin with log style pieces, consider the hardware as well. Wrought iron or other metal hardware for the dressers will top it off nicely. Complement the look with an old fashioned rustic rocking chair, situated next to a minimally treated tree stump end table.

If modern rustic is more your style, consider woven rattan or wicker furniture. These styles offer a rustic appearance, most suitable for outdoors. Whatever styles and designs you go with, neutral colors with warm and slightly muted tones will work best.

2. Which Wood Would Work Best?

The primary material for rustic-inspired furniture will be wood. While you may incorporate other materials such as fabric or distressed leather, the focal point should be wood. Wood comes in a variety of species, many of which will be suitable for rustic decor. Here are a few options to consider.

For outdoor furniture, teak wood is durable, and the natural oils make it resistant to mold and insect infestation. Red cedar offers a rustic appearance, and it will work for interior or exterior furniture. It will be weather resistant for outdoors as well.

Cedar and pine have a more subtle look, making these woods appropriate for bedrooms. Alternatively, you might prefer walnut, hickory, maple, or oak for other rooms in the cabin.

3. How Will You Accessorize?

Your favorite furniture store will have accessories to complement your rustic wood furniture designs. Whatever decor you choose, it should reflect your style with a distressed and weathered feel.

Lighting is a crucial aspect of cabin furnishing, and your lamp choices should be nature-inspired. How about a table lamp with a wooden base and faux deer antlers? Also look for accent lamps with tree and bear designs etched into the wood. Lantern style table lamps work well for a rustic cabin.

If you prefer other rustic materials for your lamp base, consider copper or brass. A slate or stone base offers a natural and rustic look as well.
Scout your furniture store for area rugs for your rustic cabin decor. Hand-tufted area or throw rugs make nice accents for any hardwood cabin floor. If you can find a throw rug with lodge style designs, all the better. Choose neutral or muted colors for the rugs.

Your furniture store may also have a selection of weathered wood wall mirrors that fit your rustic decor. Look around for accent pieces such as distressed wooden shelves, artificial greenery, and country-style planters. Knickknacks that reflect an outdoorsy feeling or country way of life will be a fitting choice for the fireplace mantle, assuming your cabin is equipped with one.

As a final consideration, ask your furniture dealer if you may custom order a piece if something you desire is not in stock. It may be well worth the wait if you cannot find it stocked and ready to purchase so you can have the look you desire.